UPDATE: 20 August, 2020

Servicing and Repairs

At Minh Long Marine our dedicated team of qualified technicians are ready to service your every need. All our technicians receive regular training from our suppliers so that all our customers have every confidence that we are highly qualified to solve any problem that your engine might encounter.

Warranty & Periodic Maintenance

All our Products are covered by Direct Factory Warranty giving all our customers a greater peace of mind when purchasing from Minh Long Marine.
We also offer Periodic Maintenance packages for all products we sell ensuring your products last for Years!

Sales/Service/Spare Parts (3S) Campaign

We understand that our customers are busy at times thus neglecting or forgetting to service their engine. What do we do? We bring the Workshop to their doorstep FREE OF CHARGE.

Several times a year, Minh Long Marine conducts a 3S Campaign where customers get free servicing from the Minh Long Team. During the Campaign, both Parts & Engines are discounted and customers always walk away with freebies! For the latest updates on our 3S Campaigns watch our Latest News Section!


Minh Long Marine upgrated to YDIS 2.44 (Yamaha Diagnostic System) and MAN-CATS III in 2020 to better service the needs of our customers. (Only applicable to certain models)

Both Systems can study and reflect the status of the Engine's ECU by connecting through a Laptop. The program can immediately detect any mechanical or electrical failures and even keeping a log of the Engine's history.

Spare Parts

Minh Long Marine has ready stock of Spare Parts for all our products we carry. Trained & equipped with the latest SCM technology, our Parts Division is ready to service your every need. Customers which require a part urgently which we do not have in stock, need not worry as Minh Long Marine will Air courier the Parts in for them!

Professionalism is our Motto!

We always believe in giving our customers the best before & after-sales service.

Contact us now to feel the confidence and satisfaction when our friendly team has serviced your engine.